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Architectural Services Terms & Conditions

Additional Fees

Additional fees are normally payable to the architect if, for reasons beyond her/his control, she or he is involved in extra work or extra expense is incurred.


For instance, if you:


  • Repeatedly ask your architect to revise the scheme, or

  • Make constant alterations at a late stage in the detailed drawing preparation, or

  • Ask your architect to undertake additional work (beyond that which was anticipated and agreed at the outset) - this may include deductions in the scope or substitution of materials/components -,


It is only reasonable that additional fees be acquired.


As the project develops the cost estimates are likely to change and therefore if the fee is a percentage of the construction cost, it will be calculated on the estimated cost at that particular work stage.  The fee for subsequent work stages may be calculated on a different estimated construction cost.


In the event of a project being cancelled after design work has commenced, a fee that is equivalent to the percentage of work that has been completed will be solicited from the Client (i.e., 25% of the cost of the project, 50% of the cost of the project, 75% of the cost of the project, etc.)

Unauthorized Alteration of Designs

Aeon Studios Ltd. holds no liability for negative reprecussions based on unauthorized amendments made to designs after submission.