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About the Studios

Aeon Studios Ltd. is a private company that specializes in developing, planning, and designing in the fields of Architecture and Graphic Design.  Since our initial establishment in May of 2011, our operations have become more global in nature.  Our work has been featured around the globe in countries like the United Kingdom, China, Kenya, and throughout the Caribbean region. As such, the incorporation into a Limited Liability Company in August of 2017 was deemed an asset.


Over the years, we have taken pride in producing creative solutions to fundamental design enigmas in both our Architectural Designs and Graphic Designs.  We focus on client-oriented objectives and project management, and are committed to generating personalized, innovative, quality driven results that reflect the client's expectations and deliver superior outcomes.  

Our Architecture Studio has unique expertise in the areas of residential, commercial, and institutional design, with services being provided for both new built, and renovation projects.  Additionally, to make your project a reality, Aeon Studios Ltd. provides high-quality services in Project Management, Contract Management, Procurement, Construction Management, and Project Financial Management, so that your project is effectively managed from the design phase until completion.

Alternatively, within our Graphic Design Studio we offer services in corporate visual identity branding and the design of related marketing materials.  Our clients have ranged from start-up beauty salons, to the rebranding of well-established government agencies.  Here, we produce distinctive and timeless designs that help businesses to make their mark in the industry.

At Aeon Studios Ltd. unconventional typologies are imagined and tailored to the context of each project.  Our end result is the enrichment of the user experience and a product that is considered value for money.